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The Great North Walk is a walking track from Sydney to Newcastle. The main track, 250 kilometres (160 mi) in length, runs between the Obelisk in Macquarie Place Sydney to Queens Wharf Tower Bicentennial Park Newcastle and is well sign-posted. There are many "side tracks" which conveniently link the track to populated areas along the length of the walk. The walk includes a huge variety of wildlife and scenery.


Of the many activities on the North Coast, walking gives you a chance to relax and really get to know the place. This is a guide to most of the walks on Coffs Coast and at Grassy Head

[Holiday Coast Kookaburra]
Muttonbird Island, Coffs Harbour

TIME: 1 hour

Park your car at the Coffs Harbour International Marina. The first part of the walk is along the breakwall, past the inner harbour where the fishing boats and yachts are moored. The climb over the island is short and steep however there are magnificent views up and down the coast and back toward Coffs Harbour and the Hinterland. During July and October you can see migrating Humpback Whales.

Mutton Birds nest on the island between August and the first week of May. You may also come across these birds in the early evening in the streets surrounding the harbour. They become disorientated and blinded by the street lights when returning from a day's feeding at sea.

South Wall, Coffs Harbour

TIME: 1 hour

You can also walk along the southern wall of the harbour, directly opposite Muttonbird Island. The quarry walls block sou-easterlies but if the swell is high you need to take care walking along the breakwall. If you choose to start off at the Marina or Yacht Club you may want to use the barbeque facilties in the foreshores picnic area on the way back. Both the Fishing Club and Yacht Club have excellent dining areas.

Coffs Creek, Coffs Harbour

This walk begins at Rotary Park, near the swimming pool, and follows the creek ... past the Botanic Garden, then down to Apex Park, The Promenade, past the oval to the Pet Porpoise Pool. (you can catch a bus back)

Macauleys Headland to Diggers Beach
Coffs Harbour

TIME: 1 - 2 hours

Leave your car in the car park at the northern end of Park Beach. Walk north over the headland along the track that leads down onto Diggers Beach. At the end of Diggers Beach you can take the track around the headland to Charlesworth Bay. If you climb over the rocks you will reach the nudist beach

Swan's Walk Road (2)
Coffs Harbour

TIME: 3 hours
NAV: Easy

This walk is in the same area as the Bruxner Park one shown above, but it has a different route. It starts and finishes at Park Creek in Bruxner Park. To start, walk along the rainforest track with the creek on your right. Turn right at the next intersection and follow the trail to the "Top Water" sign. Stay on this trail heading south west until it meets Tuff Trail on the ridge overlooking Coffs Harbour. Turn right along Tuff Tail towards End Peak. You will eventually meet up with Swan's Road, turn left here and follow it back to the starting point.

Interesting things along this trail include Bangalow Palms. The forest ridge is also drier and you may see Scrub Turkeys or Lyre Birds.

Woolgoolga Headland (2)

TIME: 1 hour
NAV: Easy

Park your car at the reservoir tank on Woolgoolga Headland, and walk south to the cliffs edge. Walk in a circle around the headland and return up to Pollack Esplanade to your car.

Watch for the great variety of birds in the trees along this walk.

Moonee Nature Reserve
Moonee Beach 

TIME: 3 Hours
GRADE: Easy/Medium
NAV: Easy

Commence this walk at Moonee Beach Reserve and wade across the estuary, then follow the track through the rainforest to the beach. Either walk along the beach or dunes until you meet a walking track leading to Tiki Village Caravan Park. Follow this track to the bank of Moonee Creek, then head south along the bank until you reach the estuary. Cross again and return to start. Interesting features of this walk are the coastal heath and estuary and the abundant bird life. If you look carefully, you will find an Osprey nest. This is a great walk in the Spring, when the wildflowers are in bloom.

Mount Coramba to Sealy Lookout
Coffs Coast Hinterland 

TIME: 8 - 10 hours

This walk starts at Sealy lookout at Bruxner Park. Start on the track past the barbeque area to End Peak where there is a steep climb. Continue to Swans Road and follow along onto Tuff Trail. Turn left (west) down a step track to good easy walking along a well marked track through a beautiful forest with views of gullys of bangalow palms.

Stay on this trail until it meets the Turkey Trail. Follow Turkey Trail along the banks of the creek. Turn left into a side track heading 280 degrees on the compass. This trail is very steep and is very slippery when wet. Follow this trail until it meets up with Tuff Trail at an old log loading area overlooking Karangi. Turn right along Tuff Trail , passing the intersection with cross trail to junction with Convincing Ground road. Keep a look out for a sharp right hand bend. Stay right along Convincing Ground road for a few metres , then left along Up-N-Down Trail. After climbing a short time, there is a short, steep downhill section of rough road. Turn right at the junction with Morbird Trail and follow this to Mt. Coramba Rd. Turn left, and a long climb will take you to the top of Mt. Coramba, or you may wish to return the way you came.

Knobby's Lookout: Bark Hut Road

TIME: 1 hour
NAV: Easy

Drive along Bark Hut Road to the end of the bitumen and leave the car in the car park. Take the track to the left, following the Forestry signs to Knobby's Lookout. Return is by the same route.

From the lookout there are magnificent views from Red Rock to Emerald Beach. The Wedding Bells State Forest can be seen in all directions.

Wedding Bells Forest

TIME: 2 hours
NAV: Easy

Drive along Bark Hut Road to the end of the bitumen. Walk 500 metres then turn right onto Arrawarra Road. Follow this road until it becomes Nash's Road. You will then come to the pacific Highway. It would be wise to leave a second car here before starting out on this walk.

Botanic Garden
Coffs Harbour

TIME: all the time you like

The North Coast Regional Botanic Garden has a number of walks for you to enjoy - all very easy gradients. On Sundays Devonshire Tea is served. Occasionally exhibitions may be found in the Garden Room.

Boambee Creek

TIME: 2 to 3 hours

Park your car near the boat ramp below the Fishing Club at the southern end of the harbour. Walk south onto Boambee Beach and then along the length until you reach Boambee Creek. Follow the creek around toward the railway bridge. Look for a track about 50 metres from the beach...follow this to return to the beach. (It runs parallel to the ocean)

Bruxner Park - Orara National Forest Swans Road
 Pacific Bay

TIME: 2 hours
NAV: Easy

Take the Pacific Highway north of Coffs Harbour and turn left into Bruxner Park Road through the banana plantations into Bruxner Park. Turn left into Swans road and leave the car at the picnic area. Follow Swans Road and take the left fork. Continue on Swans Road until you come to the ridge past the intersection with Turkey trail on the right. Continue on to Tuff Trail. Walk down Tuff Trail through the forest of turpentine, Bloodwood and Tallowood trees. Continue on this trail about one and a half kilometres until you come to a major turn to the right. This is Turkey Trail and can be seen dropping down ino the gully on the northern side of the ridge. Turkey Trail will then take you down through the rainforest, up to Swans Road and back to the starting point.

Interesting features of this walk are the sightings of Bush Turkeys and Lyre Birds. There are also many ferns and orhids to be seen on the trees in the rainforest.

Knobby's Lookout: Slater's Crossing

TIME: 2 hours
NAV: Easy

Follow the course to Knobby's Lookout, then continue on to Slater's Crossing Road. Turn right onto Slaters Crossing Road. Do not take any right hand turns, but follow the road back to Bark Hut Road at your starting point.

Woolgoolga Headland (1)

TIME: 1 - 2 hours
NAV: Easy

Leave the car at the car park on Ocean Street in Woolgoolga. Walk up Pollack Esplanade to First Place and go down onto the rocks. Walk around the headland all the way to the Back Beach. Walk along the beach until you see a footpath over the dunes, then follow this back towards Woolgoolga, then along Market Street to your starting point.

Make sure you wear strong shoes as you will be walking among rock pools, rock scrambles and cliff faces.

Hearn's Lake Beach Walk

TIME: 1 -2 hours
NAV: Easy

Turn off the Pacific Highway 2 kms south of Woolgoolga and park at Hearn's Lake. Follow the track heading south through the bush behind the beach. You will come to a clear area where rutile mining has taken place - the coastal oaks planted here have not flourished. In the springtime the wattles further along the track present a spectacular sight. Continue along the track through an area of tea-trees till you come out at Witch's Headland where you will find beautiful views of the beach and islands. You may return by walking along the beach, or back along the track for about 200 metres, then along the shores of the lake. Do not walk around the lake at high tide.


Road Way Way Ck.jpg?309 (20230 bytes)

WAY WAY Forest Walk, Grassy Head

Way Way forest drive is a round trip of 29 kilometres long depending on which this map shows one of the three routes you take. One approach starts 7 Km south of Macksville on the old Highway, along Rosewood road, another off the Scotts Head Macksville Rd the State Forests  can provide more information on these routes. The Other starts at Grassy Head following the North Kinki Spur Road, all roads really are, dry weather roads.

 Way Way Ck Rd.jpg?309 (24779 bytes)

The roads are gravel and should only be travelled in dry weather, however you will see some magnificent scenery and hear, if not see a variety of birds, and animals.

Water Crossing Way Way Ck.jpg?309 (21650 bytes)

Pines31.jpg?309 (24472 bytes)

Animals Found:

Small Animals: Millipeds, Centipedes, Insect larvae, Slugs, Earthworms, Land Planarian Worms,Woodlouse, Amphipods, Spiders, Ticks, Phalangids, Scorpions, Snails and Insect larvae.
Frogs: Rocket Frog, Great Barred Frog, Tusked Frog, Leave Green frog
Lizards:Land Mullet, Geckos, Rainforest Dragon and  Eastern Water Dragon
Snakes: Carpet Snake, Green tree Snake, Red-Bellied Black Snake
Mammals: Short-eared Brush tail Possum, Tiger cat, Fawn-Footed Meloyms, Eastern Swamp Rat, Greater Glider, Ringtail Possum, Bush -tailed, Sugar Gliders, Eastern Pigmy Possum, Short nosed and Long nosed Bandicoots, Southern Bush Rat, Marsupial Mice, Flying Foxes, Swamp Wallaby  and Red Necked Pademelon.

GH entrance to Way Way.jpg?309 (21615 bytes)

At the centre of the three roads and the Rainforest it the Pines Picnic area, " a small picnic area set in clearing, bounded by rainforest and plantations of hoop pine and flooded gum, with a white beach plantation nearby."  This is also where you will find the Way Way rainforest walk.

Pines2.jpg?309 (18516 bytes)

Pines.jpg?309 (19319 bytes)

The Way Way rainforest walk, is easy, .5 Km long and takes about 15 minutes. It is typical rainforest - it is a closed, moist loving community containing a large number of different tree and animal species.

Forest Walk entrance Pines.jpg?309 (23292 bytes)

Forest Walk.jpg?309 (26150 bytes)

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